Snail Mail! Snail Mail! Snail Mail!


YAY!!! My beautiful Filofax arrived!!! Its so beautiful and I can’t wait to put all my dates in it and start using it as my functional planner! This is my first Filofax that I have ever seen in person, and OMG ITS SO AMAZING!!! My inner geek and organizational Rachel is showing!! But I can’t help it! Im happier then a child at Harry Potter World!!

So, for my first Filofax, I got a Personal sized Staffiano in Poppy. Its such a fun color and it really makes this planner stand out from others. Its just so (sorry for the over-use of beautiful) pretty. I chose this specific Filofax because its very inexpensive(for a Filofax) and its realllllly cute and I think this color will look good with really anything I pair it up too! Like grey and poppy anyone?

I have included a photo of it! Super cute!


Please please please in the comment section, if you own a Filofax or any the of planner please tell me what size and tell me a little about it!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading all my nonsense!

Take care!



The Start of Filofax is Life!!

Wow! You surprisingly stumbled across my blog! Congrats! Today, it isn’t much. Tomorrow(Or sometime in the future) it, hopefully, will be a thriving blog about filofaxs’ and my love for planning. 
Now, your probably wondering why I don’t have a photo of my “AmAzInG FiLoFaX”. Well, its currently being shipping to my home. I have waited patiently since the 12 of July, 2014 for my lovely Personal sized Staffiano in Poppy. Just typing that gives me goosebumps of excitement. It SHOULD be here either tomorrow or Tuesday. Then, after I get it all set up and go all “8-year-old with a debit card” crazy with washi tape and stickers, then I will post a picture.
Since I discovered the Filofax community, I have been doing lots of research on different styles of setting it up. They are all so cute and it seems to work wonders for those people. But the only thing that research has done for me was making me tired and tons of tabs being kept open so I can remember what I was doing at 3am. I’ve looked everywhere from different inserts to color-coding and I just can’t find anything that will 
a. Fit a student schedule
b. Blow my budget of washi tape
c. look cute while following a and b. And…
d. won’t take up too much time out of my day just to make it look pretty
but heres the thing I want it to look pretty and neat and girly and vintage and colorful and nice. Do you see my issue. So, I created a solution. I figured that what better way to find out about Filofax itself then from all the  Filofax Peeps! And as in Peeps I don’t mean the Easter Candy I mean the wonderful and talented FILOFAX COMMUNITY!! I need your help. Big time. If you read above you will see that my dilemma is pretty complicated. Anyways, if you will, please help me by commenting suggestions on the ways you use your Filofax and maybe some helpful tips and tricks you can let me in on!
Thank you!!